“So, what are your summer plans?”


Briana Brady ’21

Summer is coming! Internships and jobs are great — and necessary — but summer is a time for rest, regrowth and fun, too!  This summer, I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends who I’ve really missed this year. I’ve had some ideas of things to do in my free time this summer, but not all of them are practical or student budget-friendly, something to consider. So, here are some of the ideas I came up with!

1. Road Trip! This is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with a friend or family member while having lots of fun! Travelling somewhere close enough for a day trip, to do a hike, go shopping, check out the local arts scene, etc., can be a quick, fun excursion. Jamming out in the car on the way there, with the warm summer breeze, is a treat in itself. Some of my favorite memories are from road trips, and the best part is that they can be as simple or complex as you want!

2. Picnic! Picnics are the first thing that come to mind when I think of fun and classic summer activities. You can make these even more fun by getting together with someone and making yummy picnic goodies to take with you! Find a nice park or outdoor space (maybe even take a hike to a pretty spot!), grab a blanket, take your sunglasses and some cold beverages and set out for a fun time. Just make sure your company is good!

3. Craft day! If it’s a rainy day or you simply prefer to stay indoors, crafts/DIY projects are always a great idea. Log in to Pinterest and find something that you and your craft pal(s) want to make or update, get the supplies you need and get to work! Even on a more mundane scale, you could just do a room overhaul and clean it from top to bottom. I might be the only one, but I personally find it so satisfying once I get into it!

4. Movie night-in. Summers are for the late nights that aren’t as easy to have during the rest of the year. Take the opportunity to invite some pals over, maybe have dinner, and have a cozy, laid-back night in. Put on a movie, make some popcorn, maybe even throw on a face-mask. Just take some time for yourself and enjoy time with friends or family.

5. Learn something you’ve always wanted to learn! For example, I’ve been really set on learning embroidery lately, but I haven’t had the time to teach myself yet. Maybe you’ve always wanted to bullet journal or start a blog. Do it! No better time than summer to try new things that you’ve been meaning to get around to.

6. Enjoy the cool, calm mornings! Even though late summer nights often translate to late summer mornings, the calm, cool morning before the heat of the day is a perfect time to be out and about. Go on an early-morning walk or bike ride and then meet a friend for a cup of coffee. Take your dog to your favorite brunch spot and enjoy that warm summer sun.

7. Go stargazing! My favorite night-time activity. Pick a clear night, grab a friend and some food, and go to an open area and admire the beautiful celestial bodies that hover above us. This is so calming and cool, too! Who knows, maybe you’ll even see a shooting star! Make sure to put on the bug spray, though.

No matter what you do this summer, make sure to take some time for yourself and to catch up with the people that you’ve been missing for the past few months. Work and formal experiences are great and all, but before adulthood really hits hard, remember to have some fun. Enjoy the summer!