Copy of Gritty: Antifa Icon or Hollow Symbol of Capitalist Exploitation?

His eyes bulge preternaturally out of his head. His smile gapes across the entire stretch of his face, more of a deep chasm than an expression of mirth, exposing his tongue, but no teeth to speak of. His electric orange fur hangs long and straight from his head, and his rotund torso is supported by two knock-kneed legs jammed into ice skates. He is here. He is Gritty.

The role of leadership on club teams

At Smith, we’re fortunate enough to have a variety of fitness options for athletes at all levels, including for-credit gym classes, drop-in get fit smith classes, club sports and varsity sports. As someone who’s been a member of our club ice hockey team since my first year, I want to emphasize how much I love the level of competition at the club level. Club teams welcome new and experienced athletes; I’ve been playing ice hockey since I was in second grade. Our team allows me to continue improving on my skills and play against both more competitive and less competitive opponents.

Seeking out wellness resources at Smith

With its enormous south-facing windows and open layout, the Campus Center is one of the brightest and most inviting buildings on campus. If you’ve taken a walk through it at any point over the past week and a half, you’ve probably noticed the colorful ribbons tied around the staircase railings. These ribbons are part of an interactive project lead by Smith Wellness Services, Active Minds and the Community Health Organizers.