Five ways to love your partner, your friends and yourself on Valentine’s Day


Spend quality time by yourself, with your friends or with your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Jun Ru Wu ‘22 | Contributing Writer

When you walk around campus and see lovebirds holding hands all around you, you realize it’s that time of the year: Valentine’s Day. Everyone has their own favorite ways of celebrating this special occasion. Here are a few options for enjoying this year’s V-Day with (or without) your loved ones.

1. Give gifts

Gift-giving is a classic Valentine’s day tradition, and there are lots of gifts you can give besides the conventional sweets and chocolates. If you want your partner to feel your love in a way that’s as unique as they are, making something yourself could be a great choice. Making a handmade card with unique illustrations, or serenading your partner with a love song can help create a romantic atmosphere this Valentine’s Day.

2. Go on a date

V-Day is the perfect time to invite someone new on a date or get to know more about your partner. When you go to the restaurants and cafés in downtown Northampton, you can sit down and enjoy a long, intimate conversation. You could also make a meal together and find out who can cook the best! After a great meal, going out for a dance or play will allow you to learn more about your partner’s taste in art and culture.

3. Spend time with friends

People see Valentine’s Day as a day exclusively for couples, but it doesn’t have to be. Show your love to your friends; send them candies, gifts and snacks.

4. Take some time for yourself

Not everyone has a lover on V-Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time loving yourself during this special time of the year. Simple things such as treating yourself to a moisturizing face mask and delicious snacks will ease your stress and bring a positive mood. Give yourself some little treats on Valentine’s Day; buy yourself good food and buy that one small, expensive thing that you don’t need but want. It’s a time to love yourself as well. Good food and tiny presents are a simple but effective way to make us feel happy.

5. Kiss someone!

Yep. Kissing is also one of the “official” ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, after all. In some countries, large kissing contests are held during the occasion. Couples who managed to kiss for the longest time win special prizes.

Everyone has their favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day, and everyone expresses their love in different ways. It doesn’t actually matter which way you choose, as every day can be Valentine’s Day when you are surrounded by love. Happy V-Day!

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