The Sophian Throughout the Years: Headlines from the Archives

’60s “European Tour For Smith-Amherst Choir” -May 11, 1961

“Recent Revolutions in Art Revealed” -By Mary Wheelock, May 4, 1961


“Demolition of the Alumnae Gym scheduled for next year” -By Marianna Craven, Oct. 2, 1975

“Architecture article sparks controversy” -A letter to the editor by Wendy Boyle, Oct. 9, 1975

“Ecology club begins recyclng” -By Pam Lucarelli, Oct. 4, 1973

“Streaking hits campus; students, faculty join in” -By Andy Feld, March 14, 1974


“Mountain Day anxieties” -By Dana DiCarlo, Sept. 27, 1984

“Student finds Hampshire myth inaccurate” -By Sharon Pomeratz, Nov. 5, 1984

“Rally Day reflects spirit,five medalists honored” -By Sheila Pyott and Laura Torrbecle, Feb. 21, 1985


“Steinam Rallys Students” -By Jennifer Potash, Nov. 10, 1994

“Smith Community Debates Coeducation” -By Carol Learned, Dec. 16, 1994

“Professors Discuss Writing Requirements” -By Nia Burton, April 20, 1995


“Smith Community Reacts to Bush Victory” -By Carolyn Trench, Nov. 4, 2004

“Four Professors honored in Sherred Teaching Awards”