Student-Run Journal Celebrates International Experience

Sable Liggera '17 Assistant News Editor 

Last Wednesday, Global Impressions, a student-run journal, announced the release of their new fall issue. Titled “Adapting,” the issue invited contributors to explore a situation abroad in which they were forced to adapt, be it interpersonally, physically or circumstantially.

Responses to the prompt varied: While one entry described a woman’s harrowing and incredible experience swimming across the English Channel, another shares a woman’s experience in dealing with sexual harassment in Egypt. For each submission that illustrates the feelings of liberation and personal growth that travel or study abroad can bring, another shares the stresses of attempting to belong in a foreign place and culture and the prejudices one can face as a woman in a more conservative environment.

The journal itself is run by an editorial board of Smith students and is intended as a place where Smith students and alumnae can share their experiences abroad as a way to encourage the critical analysis of “what living in a culturally and linguistically diverse world means today,” according to the journal.

Each school year, Global Impressions releases two issues, of which “Adapting” is the first. Currently, they are also accepting submissions for their Spring Issue, whose theme is “Up Close/ From Afar.” The theme invites entrants to explicate on how an image they themselves have captured affected their understanding of another culture, either in the moment of taking the photograph or upon returning to it later. All entries are available on the journal’s website.

The issue is featuring pictures from the Lewis Global Center’s international photo contest as well as photo submissions from outside the contest, which are to be accompanied by a non-fiction, reflective essay.

For those who are interested in submitting for the next issue, the board is accepting submissions until Jan.16. Those who wish to submit can do so through the Global Impressions website.

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