Demographics: The Whos, Whats and Wheres of Smith College

Natalia Kreciglowa '18Assistant Sports Editor Each year Smith welcomes a diverse array of students from various countries and backgrounds. The campus is home to about 2,500 students, as well as 150 abroad. What is the most popular major at Smith? Is it biochemistry or art history? Or maybe German studies? With 158 students in the psychology major, it is the most popular choice for the classes of 2016 and 2017. Next comes economics with 141 students and then government with 118. The next most popular is art, with three separate categories: studio art has 42 students declared, art history has 38 and art, architecture and urbanism has 15. Education and child study and the study of women and gender each have 44 students declared in the department. There are three majors with only one student declared, which are Russian civilization, exercise science and Middle Eastern studies. Smith students represent many parts of the country and the world. Students come from 48 states—all but West Virginia and North Dakota. The most popular home state is Massachusetts, from which 539 Smith students hail. Next is New York with 291 Smith students. Then, California with 259 students, followed by Connecticut with 150 students. The states with only one student at Smith are Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming. Smith has a diverse foreign student body with over 200 students from 58 countries. The most popular country is the People’s Republic of China with 163 Smith students. Next comes the Republic of Korea with 37 students, followed by India with 24 students, Canada with 14 students, Republic of Singapore with 13 students and then Japan and France with 11 students each. The countries with one Smith student are Albania, Australia, Bhutan, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Paraguay, Senegal, Uganda, West Bank, Yemen and Zambia. Smith College, a campus of only 147 acres houses people from all over the world.