College Announces New Change to Inclement Weather Policy



Patience Kayira ’20 | Editor-In Chief

In December, the college released an update to its Inclement Weather Policy: “As of this academic year, no classes will be held while the college’s administrative offices are closed.” This change was initiated by the Faculty Council, the Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculty.

While there isn’t specific data on the frequency of classes running when administrative offices are closed, it has happened before. Last spring, March 7, 2018, Smith announced via priority news e-mail that the college would close at noon; afternoon and evening classes would be held at the discretion of faculty.

This change is intended to make things a little less confusing for faculty and students.   

As Sam Massinter, Associate Vice President for College Relations, says, “This policy was changed to align partial day closing practices with full-day closing practices and to ensure that faculty and students had clear, consistent messaging around classes during inclement weather.”

While this year’s winter has been relatively mild, temperatures are expected to drop dramatically for the eastern part of the United States, the Weather Channel reports. The major snow storm that hit New England towns Jan. 20 brought 9.5 inches of snow to Northampton, WWLP reports. Thus, the possibility of the campus seeing this policy in action stands up to chance and nature. For more information on Smith’s policies for inclement weather conditions and cancellations, contact 413-585-INFO.

Sophian Smith