With “Monsters Exist,” Orbital achieves a mixed success

Jacqueline Richardson ’21 | Assistant Arts Editor

With their latest album “Monsters Exist,” Orbital attempts to reconcile their imaginative, danceable beats with their political inclinations — and they do so with varying success. The best moments in the album come when they craft a soundscape that echoes our current political climate. The worst, when they shoehorn commentary into their songs in a way that dilutes both their vibrant electric vision and the ideas they’re trying to promote.

Crazy Rich Asians: An Incomplete Picture

Jackie Richardson ’21 | Assistant Arts Editor

Reviews of “Crazy Rich Asians  fall into two categories. The first sort, usually published in mainstream media outlets, gasps at the movie’s opulence, praises its revitalization of the romantic comedy and reminds the reader that “Crazy Rich Asians” is the only movie produced by a major Hollywood studio to feature a majority Asian American cast in a contemporary setting since “The Joy Luck Club.” The second, less common kind criticizes the movie for various reasons, most of which stem from the belief that white, Western ideals inflect the film too heavily. The debate surrounding “Crazy Rich Asians” isn’t just a debate about the movie itself, or even Asian American representation in general; it ultimately reflects an anxiety about who Asian Americans are and where we’re going (I consider myself Asian American; I am an American, and my mother is from Singapore).

Review: Bo Burnham debuts “Eighth Grade”, a stellar Gen Z coming-of-age story

Phoebe Lease ’21 | Arts Editor

Like many in my generation, middle school is a memory I would like to keep far, far away from any part of my conscious mind. Yet, when I saw the trailer for “Eighth Grade,” an indie film quickly gaining an enthusiastic audience, I was drawn to the honesty with which director Bo Burnham deals with his young characters.