SGA should make PRISM a unity org

Founded in 2011, PRISM is a student-led organization that seeks to create a community and safe space for queer, trans and questioning students of color. PRISM’s stated goal is to “enlighten the Smith community about issues concerning queer students of color by creating a positive presence on campus and providing educational activities open to the general Smith community.” However, the limited funding the organization receives makes it difficult to do as much as the organization hopes to.

Why organization is the key to emerging victorious over BannerWeb

It’s the most “wonderful” time of the year. By “wonderful,” of course, I mean “stressful” because stress can make you do wondrous things. Yes, course registration season is upon us. There is one wondrous thing you can do, though, to reduce your stress. That wondrous thing is organization -- specifically, making a plan for that crazy morning. Most of you are already signed up, but you can always prepare for next semester. If you’re graduating, congratulations! Organization is still useful out there.

An introduction to service dogs

You all may have noticed a bunch of service dogs on campus. Some of them are from Diggity Dogs, a training program for service dogs that I voluntarily foster for. Some of them are people’s personal service dogs. Either way, the general public doesn’t really know a lot about service dogs, so here’s a brief explanation of what they do and some do’s and don’t when you see a service dog on campus!

When political antagonism is the problem, interfaith dialogue may be the solution

Interfaith dialogue happens because of a desire to communicate openly and compassionately within a diverse community. It can be defined as an egalitarian and symbiotic coming together of different religious groups to openly discuss their beliefs. According to the World Council of Churches’ definition, interfaith dialogue aims for “cooperative, constructive and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions” and typically sits at the intersection of organized discussion or debate and taking action.