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Sex and the Smithie: What’s Sex Got to Do With It?

Spring has finally arrived in the 413. Coincidentally, it has also arrived in the 603 where my friend Ryan is at Dartmouth. She and I exchange letters every now and then, discussing weird elitist traditions of the east coast, physics, relationships and sex. Ryan and I entered college last year basically as opposites. She, a gay woman closed off to relationships with men, and I, a straight woman unsure of relationships with women.

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An Interview With Evgeny Dengub

“I think people should learn a foreign language, period,” Professor Evgeny Dengub said when I ask him why students should study Russian at Smith. “Whether it’s Russian, French, Italian, Japanese or Arabic, it’s good for your brain. It’s good for your overall development and intellectual growth. It’s good for your soul.”

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Sex and the Smithie: The Ex

We all know Smithies, and we agree we’re all wonderful people. We code apps, crank out theses and post about our angst on social media. We go on to be activists, artists and leaders, and yet, we’re clueless on how to maintain healthy social lives — especially romantic relationships.

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