College receives a $99,357 grant for community-based youth programs

Amanda Jiang ’20 | Jandon Center Student Fellow

The Jandon Center for Community Engagement has received federal grant funding to support the College to collaborate with community members, local organizations and schools in Springfield, Mass. on helping young adults transition to life after high school, including college or employment. Young people in Springfield will lead a research team to explore how to mobilize community assets to support the long-term success of their peers seeking to bridge the economic, educational and social obstacles facing Springfield residents.


Sylvia Moon | Staff Writer

There is a sophomore that lives in my house named Kim. We all love her so I decided share that love with all of you. Though Kim is only one person, she has enough depth of character to represent every sign! Congratulations, you now can know what part of Kim you are most like. Be grateful.

The signs as things Kim says/does:

Capricorn: "No"

Aquarius: "Carl that kills people"

Pisces: "Oh Geeezz"

Aries: (getting a surge of chaos in the elevator)

Taurus: "Karl Marx?"

Kim: "Noooooooooo"

Gemini: (saying to Kim) "Did I ever tell you that you are my hero?"

Cancer: "It's a good thing I don't talk very much so you can't write much!"

Leo: (stares at phone, ignores what's happening at the dining table)

Virgo: "I hate when people ask me what I want in my BLT. IT'S RIGHT THERE IN THE NAME!!"

Libra: (looks you directly in the eye and shakes head aggressively)

Scorpio: "How the hell am I going to get my fat ass out of here?!"

Sagittarius: (quietly chuckling at something someone said at the dining table)