This one’s for you DC

Rosalie Toupin ’20 | Features Staff Writer

I have lived in Washington, D.C. for seven months now. During that time, I marched with current and soon-to-be feminist icons, explored the city with new friends, said good morning to my role model each day and witnessed history being made right outside my door. It’s been both a dream come true and a reality I always knew was waiting for me.

How to Make — and Understand! — Your Birth Chart

Jackie Richardson ’21 | Associate Editor

Of all the labels Smith students use to either playfully or seriously describe themselves, none has a greater potential to make or ruin a budding friendship or crush more than your astrological sign. Most people here go even deeper — they want your moon, your ascendant and even your whole chart. For the uninitiated, here’s your astrology primer so you at least have the basics down the next time someone asks you.