Ten Thoughts Every Athlete Has During Practice

Brigit McDannell '18

Sports Editor

1. What’s for dinner — more importantly, what’s for dessert?

After a long day of hard practice, athletes take solace in the fact there will be plates full of pasta awaiting them at Tyler.

2. What time is it?

Although practice is supposed to be fun and a place to blow off steam and unwanted stress, it can be tedious at times. You know it’s bad when you keep glancing at the clock, and only ten minutes have gone by, but you push through it.

3. Coach said this was the last drill — she lied.

Though their intentions are good, coaches can be deceiving at times. They say one thing and do another.

4. Oops, Ouch.

It’s rough out there on the field. Working and playing hard can result in injury, and athletes know all too well the concept of “No pain, no gain.”

5. I wish I could tell time by looking at the position of the sun.

Back in antiquity, people knew how to tell time just by looking at the sun. Now, we rely on technology. If only athletes didn’t have to ask the only person on the team with a watch.

6. I can’t feel my legs.

After rounds of suicides, your legs are like Jell-O (as is your mind). But, it pays off in the end because you’ll look good in that bikini you’ve been waiting to wear all winter.

7. Is that blood?

When you’re absorbed in the intensity of the game, you lose track of minor cuts and bruises. Bodily fluids are everywhere, and you don’t know whom it belongs to or where it came from, but it’s okay because you love your team.

8. Please don’t say sprints, please don’t say sprints — aaaand we’re sprinting.

Ah yes, the dreaded sprints. No matter what sport you play, when the coach utters those three words—“On the line”the entire team collectively groans.

9. Wow, I smell horrible. Is that boob sweat? What is happening to me?

When you’re working hard, you’re not concerned about what you look like or how you smell. But when you hit the locker room, the stench can be unbelievable. You’re sweating in places you didn’t even think were possible —  lower back, upper lip, and best of all: boobs. You look good, girl.

10. Am I crying, or is that just sweat? Who knows…

Sometimes, on the field or court, you sweat so much that you cry. Or, you’re crying so much that you sweat. You don’t really know: it’s just one salty mess. Either way, you’re hustling your butt off to reach your goal. Keep it up.