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Aphrodykie here with the new Sophian sex column. Every week I will entertain your carnal queries, review a product or give 100% unsolicited advice. I will take questions from folks who are straight, queer, of any physical ability, of any race or class, from anywhere across the gender spectrum. Email me at This week I will be diving into sex and periods.

If you’re someone who gets a period and enjoys having sex (or not), I’m going to make a case for why you should consider using a menstrual cup. Menstrual cups are simple. They are small cups made of silicone with a short stem that aids in removal. In comparison to tampons and pads, menstrual cups will save you money, increase your personal hygiene and improve your sex life.

A cup can be a bit of an investment up front. Most cost between $25 and $40. To ensure that you’re getting genuine silicone, don’t skimp. Your investment will earn a strong return. At five to eight dollars per box, most vagina owners will spend around $50 per year on tampons. Four to nine dollars per box for pads adds another $50 per year. A $35 upfront purchase looks a little different when you consider the ongoing costs of disposable supplies.

The silicone construction makes menstrual cups remarkably hygienic: they only need to be removed and replaced every six to 12 hours. While the cup can be a challenge to insert and reinsert at first and emptying the blood necessitates using a private restroom, the extra hassle becomes less of a problem over time. And unlike tampons, they rarely leak and are safe to use overnight.

In terms of sex, menstrual cups offer a peace of mind that can’t be overestimated in its ability to help you get off. For me, having a tampon in while hooking up makes me uneasy. The idea of having a potential partner, especially someone new, touching my tampon strings is not very sexy. And what if it leaks? The cup completely alleviates that problem. Your partner can gain full access to your clit and labia without the interference of any bloody strings. And the cup won’t dry out your vagina the way tampons do. The cup sits high enough that arousal fluid produced by your vagina can do its thing without any blood entering the scene.


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