Opinions From the Editors: What Do You Really Think About Mountain Day?

"Mountain Day predictions take a certain kind of energy out of you. You begin with shiny expectations that any of these glorious September days will do. Joy quickly turns into anxiety. You lie awake at night hoping, just this once, it’ll be tomorrow! And it’s always the day after you need it to be. But at least it’s there, you think. Maybe next year." -Michelle S. Lee ’16, Editor-in-Chief

"I like the idea of the tradition, but I feel like Mountain Day can become more stress than it’s worth. In the last week, I have probably spent far more time checking my weather app than I spend in class on any given day."

-Veronica Brown ’16, Associate Editor

"Mountain Day was essentially invented to be an opportunity for Smithies to frolic in the forest and in apple orchards, and I’m always inclined to frolic whenever possible, so it’s basically the best day ever, in my opinion. Also, hit me up if you want some gluten-free apple pie."

-Anya Gruber ’16, Associate Editor

"There’s a special kind of energy on campus in the days leading up to Mountain Day – one that’s fraught with tension, predictions, and a constant refreshing of weather apps. But you know that it’s all worth it when you wake up to the Wilson bells ringing."

-Carolyn Brown ’16, Photo Editor

"Whenever you ask for Mountain Day predictions people are always ready to give a bunch of reasons why it can’t be on any certain day of the week, so according to this logic it’s a miracle that Mountain Day exists at all."

-Hayley Reifeiss ’18, Layout Editor