Highlights from Coachella 2015

Gina Mantica '16

Assistant Arts Editor

The annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival just wrapped up after two consecutive weekends of elaborate celebrations. The festival took place April 10 to 12 and April 17 to 19 this year. Dozens of celebrities attended the event, including Paris Hilton and Jared Leto, along with thousands of other attendees, to enjoy the sights and sounds that are so unique to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The gates opened at 11 a.m. on the first day, and people started to pour in despite the intensity of the California dry heat. The festival lasted the entirety of each day, and people attending had to pace themselves to manage the heat. Lydia Treat Carron ’16 attended Weekend Two of the festival. When asked about the atmosphere, she said, “I think everyone who goes to Coachella knows what they are getting into … I had to take a few dancing breaks because of the heat and dust and dehydration. I wanted to make it to the night performers, so I had to keep my stamina up.” 

Coachella 2015 consisted of a star-studded musical lineup with impressive cameos and celebrity appearances. The lineup included Alesso, AC/DC, Azealia Banks, Hozier, The Weekend, Florence and the Machine, David Guetta, ODESZA and Ryan Adams. Carron’s favorite act was Hozier, who performed on the first day of the festival.

“Prior to seeing him live, I had only heard his one famous song. His voice is one hundred times better live. I think I fell a little bit in love with him while he was singing with a guitar and wearing Ray Bans,” she said. “Needless to say, I bought his whole album on iTunes after.” Another great moment occurred during David Guetta’s performance, in which the Black Eyed Peas made an appearance. Together, they performed “I Gotta Feeling,” which got the audience up on their feet to dance the night away.

One story from Weekend Two that has become the subject of many hilarious GIFs was the special appearance of Madonna during Drake’s headlining performance. Madonna, age 56, surprised Drake, age 28, with a short make-out session. Drake appeared surprised and wiped his mouth when Madonna finally let go of his face. Madonna and Drake have recently spoken out tried to vanquish any criticism against her actions and his reaction.

If there is one thing Coachella is known for besides its music, it is the wardrobe choices of the people who attend the festival. Hundreds of ornate flower crowns were worn, along with lacy tops and strappy gladiator sandals. Carron reflected, “Next year, I’d definitely want to have more fun with outfits—no flower crowns, though. But it’s almost like Halloween, just happy instead of scary.”