Backdoor Broadcast

My name is Aprhodykie, and I can’t wait to start fielding your questions. I promise to respond with honesty and good humor. Nothing makes me blush, so ask away.

I’m here for when you’d just rather ask anonymously. What has you frustrated, confused or titillated in bed? Email your questions to your identity will never be revealed. I’ll respond to straight and queer peers alike, across gender, class, color, ability and age.

Aphrodykie here. Since no one’s had a chance to submit a question yet, I’m kicking things off with a review.

NJoy Toys “Pure Plugs” are among my favorite additions to the bedroom. The luxury butt plugs feature a large round head, a tapered stem, and a small loop that lies outside the anus for easy removal. Thanks to their uniform construction of solid, weighty steel they feel sturdy and well-made.

In fact, everything about the plugs feels well-made. From the minute I opened the heavy black box, I knew I was in for a special treat. Pulling the plug out of the velvet lining, I was immediately surprised by its weight. The medical grade stainless steel (“If it’s good enough for your grandmother’s hip replacement, it should be good enough for you-know-what,” the website proclaims) serves an important purpose in addition to providing an excellent sensory experience. The steel is absolutely non-porous, preventing potential harmful bacterial growth that can cause health concerns with other reusable toys. With just a little soap and water, clean-up is a breeze.

I was also surprised by how cool to the touch the touch the product was. After some research I discovered that stainless steel’s low specific heat is the culprit. The metal warmed up to my body temperature in no time.

Putting the NJoy in requires a little lube. I like Sliquid Natural Lubricants because their ingredient list is so short and contains only one ingredient I wouldn’t find in my own kitchen- potassium sorbate, a simple preservative. A thin layer on the NJoy allows for easy insertion. Sometimes I’ll ask my partner to use a finger with lube in and around my butt to help my muscles relax and get the most pleasure out of the experience. (Don’t forget to do a hand wash if those fingers are going anywhere else.) Simply press it against your sphincter and your butt will pull it in.

Once it’s in, every other touch feels a little more intense. The plug makes me more aware of my body and sends lovely shivers down my back. If you’re having vaginally penetrative sex, the plug will push the walls of your vagina against your toy or your partner’s penis for a slightly odd and pleasant sensation. Even a slight tug (or rhythmic pulls and releases) on the loop, without pulling the toy all the way out, can help activate your anal nerve endings during oral or penetrative fun. Temperature play is a blast too – put the plug in the fridge before sex to mix it up.


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