Amherst Man Feels Attacked, Confused in SWG Class

Lena Wilson '16

Contributing Writer

Internal conflict erupted in one man last Wednesday when he mistakenly attended 15 minutes of a Smith class offered by the department of the study of women and gender. Brody Pratt, an Amherst College sophomore, said he meant to attend his government class one floor below and unwittingly ended up participating in a discussion about toxic masculinity and male homosociality.

When asked how he accidentally attended a class this far into the semester, Pratt, an economics major, admitted that he’d been hungover from his frat’s formal the night before.

“That’s not the point, though,” Pratt went on to say. “I can’t believe there are classes about, like, stuff that isn’t even true!” When asked to elaborate, Pratt spluttered and then said, “It’s like, I have female friends, you know?” “I have to pay for dates all the time. And, like, what’s the deal with all the double standards? You guys can have a women’s college, but it’s not like there are men’s colleges. People would totally freak out,” Pratt said.

When it was pointed out to Pratt that men’s college do, in fact, still exist and that a race riot erupted at one — Hampden Sydney College in Virginia — after the re-election of President Obama, he was quick to change the subject. “Okay, but like, that stuff about how men oppress each other because they hate women and that other stuff about how, like, groups of men are gay, or whatever — that’s crap!” an agitated Pratt proclaimed. When asked if any of his fraternity brothers had ever engaged in homosocial behavior — for instance, a casual butt slap or other sexual contact — Pratt proceeded to turn very red and walk away. He could not be reached for further comment.

Grace Ramsay ’16, a SWG major who attended the class that Pratt crashed, described the situation as “incomparably hilarious.” “Holy s***, it was so great,” Ramsay wheezed in between belly laughs. “He tried to talk about how GamerGate was a real activist movement...and when he got up and tried to leave, he tripped on his shoelace on the way out!”

After she calmed down, Ramsay pointed out that the incident was a great learning opportunity for the students in the class. “Sometimes studying SWG at Smith can almost feel redundant,” she explained. “It was great to be reminded why I do what I do.”

When asked about the incident, an Amherst SWG professor who preferred to remain anonymous expressed surprise. “This is news for you guys?” she asked. “This sort of thing happens in my classes at Amherst all the time.” While these may not be unique incidents on our brother campus, it appears they are important. “If I can make a young man recognize or question his place in society, even if it’s just for a few minutes, then I’ve had a productive  day as an educator,” the professor concluded.