10 Signs You’re a True Green Street Person

Hira Humayun ‘17Features Editor It seems like each area of Smith campus has its own distinct feel. You sort of grow into the ways of people in that part of campus, and having lived on Green Street for two years, I have felt myself become a distinctly Green Street person. At first I thought it was just my own unique set of habits developing, but once I realized how much I had in common with fellow Green Street residents, I came to realize there is a Green Street “type.” This, of course, is something all Green Street people can identify with, something everyone considering moving to Green Street ought to know and something that friends of Green Street residents should be prepared for. Here are some of the things you find to be true if you’re living on Green Street: 1. Your definition of “far” has become very distorted: anything farther than Seelye Hall is far. You often don’t realize how warped this notion of “far” is until you come across eye- rolls from your Quad friends or spend the night before an early morning class on Elm Street. Only then do you realize what far really is. 2. You’re on a first-name basis with the convenience store guy. Of course, when the convenience store can be seen from your window, what’s stopping you from making a last minute-run for toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, medicine, snacks, energy drinks and any other necessary item that your non-Green Street friends find themselves buying in bulk once a month? 3. You have a complex relationship with the gym. If you’re an athlete, you find yourself leaving home about three minutes before practice and still arriving earlier than everyone else. It’s perfect, and your afternoon nap doesn’t have to be cut short to allow for travel time to the field or the court. On the other hand, if you are determined to incorporate a workout into your daily routine, you will find yourself struggling to find excuses when you’re in the mood to slack off – especially if your workout partner lives farther away and gets there before you. 4. Pizza Amore is your saving grace. When you come home after a night out, Smith dining halls aren’t an option, the Campus Center seems too far (see number one) and nobody has the patience to wait for Domino’s, the ever-faithful pizza joint across the street will always be there for you. 5. Nine a.m. class? You set your alarm for 8:50. You hit snooze. You get out of bed and get ready at 8:55. It’s normal. 6. Power naps between classes become possible and, eventually, necessary. You have the opportunity to feel recharged before every class – that is if you don’t oversleep and miss it. 7. It’s quiet. Very quiet. You probably won’t notice it until you spend a night at the Quad and come back home, grateful for the sound of nothing but the occasional car or two passing by. If you’re moving to Green Street from the Quad, the silence might be alarming or even creepy. But eventually, you’ll come to appreciate being able to hear yourself think and won’t be able to imagine what it felt like to try to go to bed early when a Quad party is going on downstairs. 8. Downtown Northampton is a 10-minute walk away. You don’t have to wait for the weekend to go to CVS or your favorite restaurant for lunch, and you can be back in time for class or a meeting. You’ll come to feel like town is an extension of campus, and you’ll find yourself making impromptu trips to Herrell’s – the kind your non-Green Street friends need to plan in advance. 9. Group study session at Neilson Library and forgot your books at home? You can run back home, get your reading materials and be back fast enough to make your group members believe you were just taking a bathroom break. 10. Quad parties are an adventure. Taking trips to the Quad is a trek in itself, especially in the winter when you have to navigate frozen tundra dressed like an arctic explorer just to get to the other side of campus.