Our Editorial Board

Mission Statement

The Sophian, “believing that freedom of expression and debate by means of a free and vigorous student press is essential to the effectiveness of an educational community in a democratic society,” will attempt at all times to be a vehicle of expression. It shall reach that purpose through full and accurate reporting of the news, through expression of the opinions of its Editorial Board and through the open forum of its letters column. It shall endeavor to maintain at all times high journalistic standards, especially those of fairness and accuracy.

Jackie Richardson '21
Editor in Chief

Eleni Partakki '22
Business Manager

Casey Perez '22
Copy Editor

Clare O’Gara '22
Layout Editor

Elisabeth Sinclair '22
Layout Editor

Phoebe Lease '21
Managing Editor

Nadeen Jumai’an '22
Opinions Editor

Emma Kemp '20
Arts Editor

Arris Moise '22
Web Design Manager

Sowon Yoon '21
News Editor

Elizabeth Muirhead '20
Sports Editor

Claudia Olson '22
Features Editor

Diamond Lewis '22
Social Media Manager